Lund & Lund style tips

Flat lay photography for social media campaign

Lund and Lund is a store for men looking for that extra to their outfit. These photos were taken to show the style tips that you can get from the experienced staff at Lund and Lund for three different occasions: The Job Interview, The Wedding and The picnic date

The photos were styled as flat lays and then separated into three squares and shown as carousel ads on Instagram. Combined with text about why you should wear what, told by the experts of Lund&Lund.

The wedding

The setting was formed a as a timeline. Starting with preparations, shaving and an extra look at the wedding invitation. In the center is the dinner with cake and ending with champagne, confetti and party

The job interview

You get up in the morning, have a nice breakfast and getting dressed. In the center you are at the interview and when you got the job – you have to call your best friend or spouse to tell them all about it.

The picnic date

You take the bike there, lay the blanket on the ground, you play some guitar and just have a good time.

Behind the scenes for the photoshoot of “the wedding”