Band Match

Card game

Band match

This is a game based on Go Fish! and Happy families – but with bands! Easy to learn, but more fun than playing with an ordinary deck of cards!

Made from scratch and printed in a very limited edition.

The game consists of 56 illustrated cards (14 bands) in a box.
A booklet with instructions and information about each band.


What style of illustration should I use? Detailed enough to make you see who it’s supposed to be, but simple enough so that I could manage to draw them all.
I decided to make quite realistic but simple illustrations, made with Procreate on iPad with a rough pencil brush. I then decided that I should keep them black and white, but every band should have their own signature color. That also helps when playing because you can say “Dark purple” instead of “Siouxsie and The Banshees”.

Band selection

What bands should be in it?
From the start, the point of me making this game was because I had seen games like this, but with almost no women in it. That didn’t really feel like the 2020’s. So for this game each band had to have at least one woman. I also didn’t want the game to all white people (again, not so 2020) so that was something I also thought of when choosing bands.

What’s the name of the game?

Even though there’s a lot of ‘Girls to the front’ energy in this deck, that wasn’t something I wanted to name it. It’s been a big trend with books like ‘Good Night Stories For Rebel Girls’ and similar. This is a way of portraying women as makers, creators and leaders – even though they are women. This might have been needed for a while. But now I think we’re ready for the next step to be diverse and including as a base and not as special treatment. 
Also, this name creates a base for the game with possibilities to make different editions or expansion packs in the future.
What about: Band Match – Metal, Band Match – R&B, Band Match – Eurovision.